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Lotsa good folks on this track.

Okay. I already posted this. check out this dude

His name is Joe Maphis, and his playing influenced everyone you hear in the other clip.

What’s old is new. Or something.


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Six Days on the Road

The original by Dave Dudley:

The Flying Burrito Brothers’ version:

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not our kind of music, but funny

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Hey we made a movie!

Or, rather, someone made a movie of us. We’re uploading more as I type this, so head to http://www.youtube.com/user/thedivepoets and check out some more tunes from our last show.

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Listen To This: Okkervil River

So if Karl is gonna tell you what he’s reading, I figure I’ll tell you what I’m listening to… I can’t really claim they’re a secret of any sort these days – they sell out medium size venues across the country, but I have been really digging on Okkervil River recently. Their latest album, The Stand-Ins is growing on me and I consider their previous two albums, The Stage Names and Black Sheep Boy to be among my favorite albums of the past 10 years.

Okkervil River – “Lost Coastlines”

Okkervil River – “Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe”

Okkervil River – “For Real”

Okkervil River – “Girl in Port” (acoustic)

…and because, Holy Jeez, I haven’t seen this yet and I love Crooked Fingers, here is Eric Bachmann of Crooked Fingers doing Okkervil River’s “Bruce Wayne Campbell”:

..and Bon Iver doing “Blue Tulip”:

MP3: Okkervil River – Black
MP3: Okkervil River – No Key No Plan
MP3: Okkervil River – The President’s Dead
MP3: Okkervil River – It Ends With A Fall

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This is awesome… say what you will about the Killers, Coldplay, et. all… combining the two on this tune worked out well. PLUS Bono. Apparently it was the encore of Coldplay’s performance at a War Child benefit.

Too bad the camera mic gets overloaded when the bass kicks in. 😦

edit: slightly less assy sound quality

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One of my Lifes Passions
One of my Life’s Passions

Claw game!

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