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I lurves me some Ben Folds, and this is a badass cover of The Postal Service tune “Such Great Heights”. Check out the wicked synth solo he throws in at around 4:00… So cool, and he makes it look effortless.


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Wonderful song… I really dig the bowed banjo. Very clever. Lauren O’Connell is the name of the songwriter.

If you are internet meme-savvy, you might recognize the nice young lady from Pomplamoose. Check out their vids as well. Very creative cover songs and some nice original tunes as well.

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Whiskey, you are bad!
Bad, bad bad bad bad bad BAD!
But I still love you…

(edit: fixed syllables in the last line. doh!)

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Last night in Kansas City (KAN-Za-CITY to you Chiefs fans) I had the pleasure to attend the video debut of musician David Seume’s song “Will Ya Be My Friend”, which just so happened to be illustrated/animated by two of my college roommates, Danny and Phil (aka DJG and PJC). Danny is pretty well known around the Kansas City music scene, and his creative and quirky posters and album designs have been promoting local bands (and winning him features in Graphic Design publications) for 8 years. Phil is a very talented illustrator and designer, and he’s working on his MFA at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I know, makes me look like a slacker, right? 😉

Anyway, I walked into the Brick knowing that the video was going to be cool, but I was pleasantly surprised by David Seume’s thoughtful, breezy tunes and standout vocals. This guy sings very, very well. David’s songwriting conveys a welcome (and increasingly rare) attention to detail and timing and a true love of classic pop and soul music. At times his songs get a bit overly meandering, but he can get away with it because his voice keeps things interesting. He also seems like a pretty nice guy. Perhaps we could convince him to come to St. Louis?

Here’s a nice cover of Sam Cook’s “A Change is Gonna Come”

DJG Design
David Seume

Check ’em out!

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This week has been a bit of a humdinger, so as a treat to myself for not committing a capital offense l decided to check out the 6 Row Brewing Company for a few after work beers.

6 Row is located in an old Falstaff warehouse near the corner of Forest Park and Grand. Upon entering I was warmly greeted by the barkeep, and saddled up to the copper covered bar. 6 Row keeps six house beers and one guest on tap. I started with the ESB. I found it to be very smooth with a nice malt flavor, though not quite as crisp as Schlafly’s effort. A solid first impression, though. My next sample was the Whale, which is an improbable mix of like ten different malts, hops and fairy dust… as weird as it sounds it was damn good. like a wheat minus the super citrusy quality, but with the bright finish of a pale. good times. I followed this up with an extra pale, which was a solid competitor to Schlafly’s APA and a midpoint to O’fallon’s 5 day IPA in terms of hoppiness.

Any of you who know me understand that I love a good pint of beer. Especially when an abundance of hops are involved. this beer was as clear as a budweiser but still maintained craft brew flavor. Very nice and a good omen for the future of craft beer in Saint Louis.

The real winner of the night was 6 Row’s Porter… smokey without being contrived, but still singing with chocolate and caramel notes, it was a definite treat to finish.

overall I would recommend 6 row brewing co. to anyone who has a passion for good beer and likes drinking it in smoke free no bullshit environment.

The End.

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Haiku #3

Whiskey is a dog
happiest when friends are near
lonesome when they’re gone

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Haiku #2

whiskey goes down best
like a late winter river…
swift and full of ice

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